Our Event Management Process

Our logical and transparent planning process covers every aspect of your prospective event. Keep reading to find out more about how we can make your dream event a reality.

Establish Event

To start planning your perfect event, the first step is to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements. We will discuss the purpose of your event, how many people you expect in attendance, and more.

Create Event Budget

Once we’ve established what type of event you’d like to hold, we can start to work out a budget for your event. This will take into account venue, attendance, catering, and any other considerations we may have to make in planning your event.

Select A Date

If you don’t already have a date in mind for your event, we can work with you to select a date that will best suit your event and desired clientele. Date selection can have a big impact on venue selection, potential attendance, and catering cost, so it’s key that we take these factors into account.

Find Your Venue

Once we’ve established a date and budget, we can quickly find a huge variety of venues in order to handpick the correct one for you and your event. Whether it’s a workshop, VIP event, or a product launch, we can find the venue to make your event one to remember!

Source Caterers

Once we’ve chosen a date and found our venue, we can move on to catering. Whether it’s finger food and refreshments, or a full banquet, we can find the appropriate caterers to keep your guests happy!

Venue Preparation

We will prepare your venue for you, ensuring everything is perfect. Whether you’re holding a product launch, VIP event, or workshop. We will take into account any special requirements you may have.

Facilitate Audiovisual Setup

Finally, we’ll facilitate any Audio Visual setup your event requires. From simple screens and projection for a simple presentation, all the way up to fully featured interactive shows.

All of our projects begin with a simple phone call to our friendly team to discuss your requirements.
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